Top 8 of Mashable’s 90+ Social Media Resources

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Matt Silverman released an article yesterday listing 90+ Essential Social Media Resources on Mashable, which is separated into categories of Social Media, Business, Mobile and Tech. For those of you who don’t want to comb through the entire list, we have condensed it into our top 8 (2 from each category). This is not to say these are the most important links, but I found them quite interesting and worth mentioning here for my readers.


HOW TO: Disable Facebook’s “Instant Personalization” [PRIVACY]

It has become evident that Facebook users would much rather have opt-in features for privacy controls rather than the opt-out option. This post details how you can disable Instant Personalization, which is a Facebook feature that allows websites to access some of your personal data and use it to personalize your experience on their site. It will also show you how to opt-out completely or opt-out on specific websites.

Why Hasn’t Location Reached the Mainstream Yet

Despite the broohaha going on all over the tech and social media space about location-based apps, they haven’t reached the mainstream quite yet. Mashable delves into some reasons why it hasn’t occurred: Privacy concerns, finding the value in it, and how Twitter and Facebook are moving into the location tagging sector. I wrote a blog post titled All Employees Should Speak Foursquare that takes a look at how companies using Foursquare (and other location-based apps) need to educate their employees about the programs.


5 Tips for Making Your Presentation More Social

We’ve all been witnessed dull presentations that have you checking your watch every 5 minutes. This article gives some valuable insights on how to create a presentation that will help you engage with your direct audience and people listening in to the conversation through social media networks. Mashable points out the importance of keeping the conversation alive before, during and after the presentation.

HOW TO: Cultivate Your Brand’s Super Users

Social networks are a great way to connect with potential and existing customers to increase lead generation. Word of mouth marketing can create viral campaigns for a company, which is why there needs to be a certain level of emphasis put on cultivating your brand’s “super users.” This can help you get feedback from people who already use and love your product and give you an opportunity to reward them for being loyal customers. David Spark details how to create valuable relationships with your brand’s “super users.”


How Mobile Technology is Affecting Local News Coverage

As websites like CNN’s iReport flood the news coverage circuit, it is clear that people going about their daily lives have become citizen reporters by publishing news in real-time on their social networking feeds. Great information on how you may be helping your local news with their daily coverage! This article was supported by The Poynter Institute’s Mobile Media blog.

7 Ways Journalists Can Use Foursquare

This article was written by Shane Snow, Founder of, and points journalists in the right direction for using Foursquare to find sources and relevant content for their stories. As PR changes with the expansion of the social media landscape, journalists need to find new and creative ways to build relationships and get stories distributed through the right channels.


HOW TO: Give Your Inbox a Master Cleanse

Didn’t do your online spring-cleaning yet? Take a look at this article from Jolie O’Dell to find a strategy to clean up your inbox and get rid of that online clutter. It may not be physical clutter but inbox clutter can certainly distract you from your tasks.

WordPress 3.0: The 5 Most Important New Features

WordPress has 5 new features you should pay attention to. This includes custom post types, menu management, custom taxonomies (adding additional meta info to posts), the new “twentyten” default theme and multi-site capabilities. Brian Casel, a web designer and owner of ThemeJam, does a great job of detailing each feature in layman’s terms.

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The Essential Twitter Guide for Business

Composure Marketing has written The Essential Twitter Guide for Business to help companies learn how to maximize their engagement and strategically market themselves on Twitter. The guide also includes detailed information on useful resources and tools that will help companies expand their presence.

Our good friend and marketing maven, Marc Gordon from, teamed up with Composure to provide you with this comedic video of his day of tweeting. He takes a look at the do’s and don’ts of using Twitter to communicate with your target audience.

Tweeting My Day Through Hell from marc gordon on Vimeo.

Have some resources you think should be included in the guide? Let us know.

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Twitter #FollowFriday List

Each week, the popular Twitter trend, #FollowFriday (aka #FF) is used for users to make recommendations of people to follow. I have decided to follow in the steps of many bloggers and provide you with more information on my #FollowFriday list.

Here are my 5 #FollowFriday mentions for this week and why I think you should follow them too if you are interested in staying updated on new marketing and social media trends.

Jeff Bullas (@JeffBullas) – Jeff Bullas cuts through all the noise that is becoming more widespread on social networks by consistently writing content that I have found to be engaging and insightful. He is from down under in Sydney, Australia and posts updates on topics ranging from SEO best practices to How To’s on effective blogging.  Take a peek at Jeff Bullas’s Blog.

Frank Strong (@Frank_Strong) – Frank is a PR/Marketing guy who studies various marketing and PR practices. His Twitter updates generally touch on interesting statistics that he questions and provides thoughtful insights on their implications. He recently wrote a great blog post on who owns social media and what influential marketers believe is the answer. Check out his blog at Sword and the Script.

Kristin Dziadul (@KristinEDziadul) – Kristin is an inbound marketing and social media strategist who has built up a strong personal brand for herself through her use of new media communication channels. In her blog, A New Generation, she discusses new inbound marketing techniques and Generation Y studies. Her Twitter feed is always fresh with new blog content and RT’s of valuable marketing information.  Kristin has also written a guest post on this blog which takes a look at time management and how to blog when you don’t have time.

Marc Gordon (@MarcGordonDotCA)– Marc is a marketing pro and founder of Four Word, a marketing company based in Toronto, Canada. He is also the host of where he posts incredibly funny and insightful videos full of marketing tips and commentary on marketing practices he has found successful (and not so successful). I have teamed up with Marc for a project that you will hear about next Tuesday. Until then, check out one of his recent videos about being a leader and take a look at an article about  The Rise and Fall of Twitter: Part 1 he wrote for

Deepak Gupta (@dgupta5150) – Deepak has an extensive background in marketing and social media which shines through in the updates he chooses to post. His blog, Tips by Deepak Gupta, always has interesting interviews with marketing leaders that I find worth reading. I personally love how engaging and accessible he is because at the end of the day what is social media if not used for engaging with others?

Did I miss someone that you think I should follow? Let me know in the comments.

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