Marketing by Deepak Talks to Natasha Attal [INTERVIEW]

I was recently asked by Deepak Gupta to be featured in his interview series on the Marketing by Deepak blog. I have gotten to know Deepak over the past couple weeks after we connected via Twitter and I was pleased to chat with him about social media marketing. His blog is always rich in valuable content with topics including interviews, marketing tips and case studies to learn from. One of his posts that I found useful and shared with clients is Blogging Platforms – vs In the interview, we talked about why  I think people are overusing the term “social media expert” and ways for his readers to get involved in new media marketing. Thanks again to Deepak for interviewing and hosting me on his blog.

Read the full interview to find out more about what we discussed.

Natasha Attal is interviewed by Marketing by DeepakDeepak is a social media marketing consultant and is serving as the VP of Marketing for Help My Resume, a Florida-based non-profit and is the Principal of Marketing by Deepak Consulting Group. Prior to jumping into the social media world, Deepak worked in database marketing and analytics where he developed marketing initiatives for brands like State Farm, UPS, hooked on Phonics, Comcast, AT&T, World Wrestling Entertainment, ESPN, Nickolodean among many others. You can contact him via email at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @dgupta5150

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Top 8 of Mashable’s 90+ Social Media Resources

Source: FaithSeeking on Flickr

Matt Silverman released an article yesterday listing 90+ Essential Social Media Resources on Mashable, which is separated into categories of Social Media, Business, Mobile and Tech. For those of you who don’t want to comb through the entire list, we have condensed it into our top 8 (2 from each category). This is not to say these are the most important links, but I found them quite interesting and worth mentioning here for my readers.


HOW TO: Disable Facebook’s “Instant Personalization” [PRIVACY]

It has become evident that Facebook users would much rather have opt-in features for privacy controls rather than the opt-out option. This post details how you can disable Instant Personalization, which is a Facebook feature that allows websites to access some of your personal data and use it to personalize your experience on their site. It will also show you how to opt-out completely or opt-out on specific websites.

Why Hasn’t Location Reached the Mainstream Yet

Despite the broohaha going on all over the tech and social media space about location-based apps, they haven’t reached the mainstream quite yet. Mashable delves into some reasons why it hasn’t occurred: Privacy concerns, finding the value in it, and how Twitter and Facebook are moving into the location tagging sector. I wrote a blog post titled All Employees Should Speak Foursquare that takes a look at how companies using Foursquare (and other location-based apps) need to educate their employees about the programs.


5 Tips for Making Your Presentation More Social

We’ve all been witnessed dull presentations that have you checking your watch every 5 minutes. This article gives some valuable insights on how to create a presentation that will help you engage with your direct audience and people listening in to the conversation through social media networks. Mashable points out the importance of keeping the conversation alive before, during and after the presentation.

HOW TO: Cultivate Your Brand’s Super Users

Social networks are a great way to connect with potential and existing customers to increase lead generation. Word of mouth marketing can create viral campaigns for a company, which is why there needs to be a certain level of emphasis put on cultivating your brand’s “super users.” This can help you get feedback from people who already use and love your product and give you an opportunity to reward them for being loyal customers. David Spark details how to create valuable relationships with your brand’s “super users.”


How Mobile Technology is Affecting Local News Coverage

As websites like CNN’s iReport flood the news coverage circuit, it is clear that people going about their daily lives have become citizen reporters by publishing news in real-time on their social networking feeds. Great information on how you may be helping your local news with their daily coverage! This article was supported by The Poynter Institute’s Mobile Media blog.

7 Ways Journalists Can Use Foursquare

This article was written by Shane Snow, Founder of, and points journalists in the right direction for using Foursquare to find sources and relevant content for their stories. As PR changes with the expansion of the social media landscape, journalists need to find new and creative ways to build relationships and get stories distributed through the right channels.


HOW TO: Give Your Inbox a Master Cleanse

Didn’t do your online spring-cleaning yet? Take a look at this article from Jolie O’Dell to find a strategy to clean up your inbox and get rid of that online clutter. It may not be physical clutter but inbox clutter can certainly distract you from your tasks.

WordPress 3.0: The 5 Most Important New Features

WordPress has 5 new features you should pay attention to. This includes custom post types, menu management, custom taxonomies (adding additional meta info to posts), the new “twentyten” default theme and multi-site capabilities. Brian Casel, a web designer and owner of ThemeJam, does a great job of detailing each feature in layman’s terms.

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Interview with Ramshackle Glam’s Jordan Reid

Jordan Reid, a lifestyle blogger at Ramshackle Glam, met with me to talk about her seamless tech switch from blogging at NonSociety to her new blog, Ramshackle Glam. This interview will give you an idea of how she has retained fans, switched from using Tumblr to WordPress and used social media to brand herself.

Natasha: How did you transfer all your blog posts so easily from to Ramshackle Glam?
Jordan: The transfer went much more smoothly than I expected it to, but that was mostly because I had some help in the form of a tech-savvy friend. I initially secured, and then once I was ready to make the switch I just went into my Tumblr dashboard and redirected my content from my previous address to my new one. A few weeks later, I hired a web designer to help me make the move over to a WordPress platform, and asked her to set up a system whereby my WordPress posts would also appear on my Tumblr, so that I wouldn’t have to abandon my much-loved Tumblr community. 
Natasha: On your twitter account, one day you were @JordanBerkow and the next you were @ramshackleglam. You just changed the Twitter handle username to do this – why did you choose to switch usernames? [Check out this post on How to Change Your Twitter Handle]
Jordan: I’ve never liked using the @jordanberkow handle, mostly because that’s not a name that I use anymore; Berkow is my maiden name, Strauch is my legal name, and I write as Jordan Reid (my middle name). I have a lot of names – it can get a bit confusing, I know. Unfortunately, when I first began Twittering I discovered that @jordanreid was taken, so when I started Ramshackle Glam I thought it made sense to establish a degree of consistency between the site and my Twitter. Also, by using @ramshackleglam I keep the focus on the site, rather than on me; of course the subject matter is usually where I am and what I’m doing, but the only reason I use Twitter is to increase my ability to communicate with the Ramshackle Glam audience. 
Natasha: How do you manage to retain visitors that come to your site for your
more “popular” posts that cause spikes in traffic? I’m sure other lifestyle bloggers will be interested to hear your strategy.

Jordan: I pay very close attention to my traffic, and have developed a pretty solid understanding of what types of posts make it “spike.” Spikes are incredibly valuable, but ultimately only mean something if you’re able to hold onto at least a percentage of the new visitors (my goal is to retain approximately 25% of the new readers attracted by a given spike). To that end, whenever I post something that I think will create a “spike,” or whenever I know that another media outlet is writing about me (articles on big sites that reference your site will always create a spike), I make sure to surround that post with the best possible content. Also, whenever a media outlet writes about me I make sure to return the favor by posting about them, and Twittering and Facebooking the article that they wrote; I can’t emphasize enough how valuable these kinds of relationships are. 
Natasha: As you made the transition from to your own blog, have many people followed you? Where do most of your visitors come from – referring sites, direct traffic or search engines?
Jordan: I actually have more traffic now than I had at NonSociety, which has come as quite a shock. Honestly, I’m not sure how this happened: I left so abruptly that many of my readers didn’t have any idea where I’d gone, and I feel extremely lucky that so many of them took the time to Google around to find me. When I first switched over to Ramshackle Glam most of my traffic was from referring sites such as TheGloss, which wrote an article about me immediately following my departure from NonSociety, but now approximately 70% of my traffic is direct. Approximately 25% of my traffic is from referring sites (predominantly my Tumblr site, my Twitter, and the other sites that I write for, including,, and TimeOutNewYork), and the remaining 5% comes from search engines. 
Natasha: Which social networking site has been the best platform for you to
market yourself?
Jordan: Well, I was initially skeptical of WordPress – right when I switched over, I feared that I would lose all of my readers, because I thought that everyone who read me read me via Tumblr. And there was a little dip for a few days, but my readership now is higher than it’s ever been. I love WordPress – I think you can craft much more creative posts, and it’s much more customizable than Tumblr – but for a first-time blogger, I would definitely recommend Tumblr. There’s just no simpler, more user-friendly way to start building an audience.

Thanks again to Jordan for sitting down with me for this interview.

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